November 29, 2009

Free Shipping through Monday

Just wanted to let you know that I am offering free worldwide shipping on everything in my shop through Cyber Monday.  I've added a few new pieces and am hoping to add some Christmas pieces this week.  I'm experimenting with Resin and vintage stamps....we'll see where it leads!

November 19, 2009

New Moon .....

Okay- I have to confess- I am a Twilight groupie.  I am 39 years old a wife and mother of 2 and I am no longer embarrassed (well a little) to admit it.  I purchased tickets for New Moon a week ago and am going on Saturday night with a friend.  I have been so excited for this that I can't think about anything else!  I find myself drawn to the TV whenever I hear the name "Twilight" or "Rob Patinson" - right now I am waiting for Today to show me a peek at Rob- he is on this morning and I refuse to go anywhere until I see the interview.  Is it the love story, the vampire- bad boy thing that we seem to be drawn to, all of the above?  What is wrong with me????  I guess the same thing that is wrong with the other billion people obsessed with this! 
photo courtesy of mix 107.3 fm

October 28, 2009

Goddess Necklace

I finally had some time last night to sit down and finish up some pieces.  One of them was this "goddess" necklace which I made with my favorite color combination.  I just listed it today~

Maybe I'll have some more time tonight..... oh no- we have football practice, husband working late, bath night....  maybe Friday.

October 23, 2009

Giving Thanks...on a Budget

Thanksgiving is around the Corner~~

I'm not sure about all of you but i am on a tight budget this Thanksgiving. We are possibly having Thanksgiving at my house instead of my sister's this year because she is having her second baby in November- yeah! can't wait! Now comes the problem- setting a table that is functional, cute and affordable. I was browsing through Etsy- as I do every day- and came across these adorable (mostly vintage) pieces that are so lovely and quite reasonable to add to our tables this year. This set of colorful platters is from $22, and the silver wear is $10 from

then there is this gorgeous tablecloth at the amazing price of $18 from and these stunning teal plates from
~don't forget the turkey candleabra from

Yummy retro bun warmer from
Brown and Teal platter from

Lovely harvest mugs from, and whoooo wouldn't love this cute little owl shaker? Just $8.99 & I love the color.

Last but absolutely not least, a vintage bakelite carving set from also visit her blog at

and super sweet beeswax taper candles from

October 22, 2009

Boys vs. Girls

I have 2 children.  A boy, Ian, who is 11 and a girl, Eve, who is 4.  
Ian is my sweet, sensitive child who gets straight A's without trying, plays football, baseball, skateboards and has a lot of friends who I like too.  He is sensitive and caring, he grew up afraid to say a bad word and afraid to hurt mommy's feelings.
My daughter however, is bold, explosive, "chemical" as my husband says.  She flies off the handle with the least bit of provocation.  She tortures her brother.  She doesn't care about getting into trouble, says "I hate you mommy", slams her bedroom door, talks back constantly and is always challenging me.  Is this normal 4 year old behavior???
Don't get me wrong- she has her wonderful qualities: a splendid imagination, she is very loving- when she wants to be;), passionate, determined and makes me laugh like no one else and deep (very deep!) inside- she is soft and sweet.   
So, is this the boy- girl thing or the second child syndrome?  I understand that they are 2 different people but they are so completely opposite, I wonder what happened!!?  And yes, they have the same father!  A lot of my friends have girls and say that girls are just different..... I don't know. 

October 19, 2009

I didn't know that Celluloid is so gorgeous...

Oh- my- I just opened my packages from the mail over the weekend.  Normally i can't wait to get the mail to see what treasures I received that I forgot that I ordered - but I had a stomach bug this weekend and didn't even think about it.   Yes- I have issues with shopping on Etsy! 
Anyway- I am in love with this new piece that i purchased from Theresa at UnfinishedBusiness (on Etsy)
- I can't wait to make a necklace out of it- it's a vintage celluloid brooch with hints of blue on white. 

October 17, 2009

New Themed Pieces

Well- I have been experimenting with "themed jewelry" and here is 1 piece that I have come up with: Sisters Necklace, listed in my shop

These are really fun to make and I just finished another one last night centered around "motherhood".  I'll be listing that one today.
More themes that I have begun are Friendship, The Goddess and Dreaming.  I thought these might be nice for the holiday season when thinking about friends and family gift giving...

I'd love more ideas for themes- just post 'em and I'll check out your ideas.