November 19, 2009

New Moon .....

Okay- I have to confess- I am a Twilight groupie.  I am 39 years old a wife and mother of 2 and I am no longer embarrassed (well a little) to admit it.  I purchased tickets for New Moon a week ago and am going on Saturday night with a friend.  I have been so excited for this that I can't think about anything else!  I find myself drawn to the TV whenever I hear the name "Twilight" or "Rob Patinson" - right now I am waiting for Today to show me a peek at Rob- he is on this morning and I refuse to go anywhere until I see the interview.  Is it the love story, the vampire- bad boy thing that we seem to be drawn to, all of the above?  What is wrong with me????  I guess the same thing that is wrong with the other billion people obsessed with this! 
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  1. Did you enjoy New Moon? I'm 40, no kids, and I liked the series of books enough to read it twice--once by book, once via audio on YouTube. They aren't the best ever on a literature scale but they ARE entertaining and the story sucks you in quick! The first film wasn't so great, but even my husband enjoyed New Moon; it was fun and we're looking forward to Eclipse in June 2010. :-D

    P.S. Not a fan of Rob, Kristin or the love story...but I do like Jake/Taylor--nice guy on both counts.

  2. oh wow- your husband liked it? that's great! i can't get me husband to watch the movies but he does keep asking me questions about the vampires. curious about the appeal i guess!
    i did enjoy the books so much too. i think they left out a lot in the movie- for time purposes i guess.
    Oh- and Taylor was one of the better actors in my opinion, even though i am on Team Edward ;)
    take care...